Flobo System Repair is a program designed to repair and tune-up Microsoft Windows Xp operating systems.
When the Microsoft Windows operating systems are slow and sluggish, programs take ages to open you are thinking to reinstall, to format partitions, or maybe you think you need to buy a new PC?
The answer is a BIG NO! You can maintain your operating system using Flobo System Repair Lite.
In order to understand the way Flobo System Repair works you need to understand what the MS Windows XP slow operation main causes are.Flobo Automatic Repair
This utility let you repair and tune up by one click. Simple press Normal Repair button (see figure 3) and the program will repair and improve your system performances. Though is not mandatory, it is advised to execute Automatic repair in safe mode. In case of damaged system than you should use Ultimate Repair button.User Advisor
Flobo User Advisor is a utility to find several issues concerning misuse or, maintenance. This utility cannot correct the problems; the user is advised only to take certain actions. In some cases you should execute some of the Flobo System Repair utilities.
There are several criteria for system improvement.
1) Antivirus protection: You are advised to install an antivirus if you have no antivirus installed. However, you might have an antivirus that is not in the software antivirus list. 2) Firewall protection: You are advised to install a firewall if there is no firewall installed. However, you might have a firewall that is not in the FSR firewall list. 3) System Free Space System free space is very important for system reliability. In case there is too less free space you might encounter system freeze, blue screen restart, etc. 4) System optimization There are several criterions in system optimization: a) Number of processes running The number of processes running after startup is an important as you might have many programs starting at boot up slowing down your computer. Unfortunately a lot of software producers are setting many programs to start though these programs are not used in the functionality of their main software. It is advised to have maximum 40 processes running after system boot up. If you have not stopped other application before starting Flobo Automatic Repair then you should not consider the advice. b) Devices installed
Sometimes it happens that you haven’t installed all devices, such as sound board, video board, etc and than you cannot use or use the hardware installed with low capabilities. Your should install drivers in case there are uninstalled software. These drivers are delivered with the computer. You could also search computer hardware manufacturer support web page for drivers.
c) Actual CPU load CPU Load is an important clue for computer virus infection or malfunction. After boot up, the CPU load should be insignificant. If you have not stop all application before starting Flobo Automatic Repair or another Flobo System Repair utility is running than you may ignore this information. d) Swap size Paging file for virtual memory called pagefile.sys is important for system reliability. If case there is not enough paging file size the system will not run properly, especially when running applications that use large areas of RAM.
e) Last time you run Flobo Automatic Repair. It is advised to run every month Flobo Automatic Repair. 5) Startup processes are the programs that are starting at bootup. In case there are many startup processes you are advices to disable some of the programs using Flobo Startup Manager. 6) Must have installed programs You are advised to install several applications. These applications are web browsers, document reader, or video players. However, these applications are not important so far that concern system reliability or repair issue. All recommended software are under their own license agreement and are registered trademarks of their own company. There is no understanding of any kind between Flobo Recovery and the companies selling or owning the recommended products. 7) Codecs
Codecs are software that allows playing movie files. You are advised to install different codec in case is detected you have no codec installed.